February Favourites


Hey all!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, but it’s still something I really enjoy. As I’m getting more into sharing personal stories, I thought I’d give the monthly favourites a shot! In this subject I’ll talk about products I have been enjoying, or would love to buy. This is a dangerous game, as I’m on a no spend… AGAIN! But it’ll give me a chance to make some sort of ‘wishlist’ for the upcoming weeks 😉

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About having penpals (+ ‘what my penpals sent me’ video!)

“Why don’t you just send a message via WhatsApp?” or “Doesn’t it take DAYS for a letter to arrive?!” Those are just two of the many questions I get when I’m trying to explain my absolute favourite thing (next to cats, of course): writing letters.

Today I decided to clarify some of those questions! This blog post includes my latest video: “What My Penpals Sent Me #1”.

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