I love writing, very much. A storytellers’ history with writing

Hi there!

As promised, I was going to write my much needed life update. Now, you may be thinking: “but Vivian, I don’t remember asking for this blog…” and you’re totally right, but it’s something I’ve been saying for a while now – and something I quite enjoy. But when I got to actually writing said life update, I found myself rambling on and on about writing itself. I decided to run with it, postpone the update and focus on my love for writing instead 😉 Continue reading

February Favourites


Hey all!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, but it’s still something I really enjoy. As I’m getting more into sharing personal stories, I thought I’d give the monthly favourites a shot! In this subject I’ll talk about products I have been enjoying, or would love to buy. This is a dangerous game, as I’m on a no spend… AGAIN! But it’ll give me a chance to make some sort of ‘wishlist’ for the upcoming weeks 😉

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About getting a PO box

I have updated this post in March 2021, before opening my P.O. box for the 2nd time.

Hello everyone! If you’re here, it means you are curious about my P.O. box. Yay! In this post I’ll explain all the rules & guidelines, and everything else you may need to know before you write to me 🖌 Please read carefully, and I look forward to hearing from you! 💕

This post has a few different “chapters”: first, some general information & a word of thanks. Then, the guidelines for sending mail and about my “reply-policy”. Lastly, some info about the videos I make of your mail! The most important part is to have fun, that’s what I do! 😁 And please make sure I can read your return address… Hee hee! Continue reading

About having penpals (+ ‘what my penpals sent me’ video!)

“Why don’t you just send a message via WhatsApp?” or “Doesn’t it take DAYS for a letter to arrive?!” Those are just two of the many questions I get when I’m trying to explain my absolute favourite thing (next to cats, of course): writing letters.

Today I decided to clarify some of those questions! This blog post includes my latest video: “What My Penpals Sent Me #1”.

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