The Paper Letter

New Beginnings

Who am I?

Hi there, dear reader.

First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Vivian, and I’m a 22 year old Dutchie living in Breda. That’s in the Netherlands, for those of you who missed the ‘Dutchie’ clue. For the past year and a half, I have been living together with my boyfriend and our 1 year old cat, Noes. She’s a real cuddly princess! Because of anxiety I have started therapy 2 days a week. Quite intense, but I am super ready to get back on my feet.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, which I combine with my passion for cooking at my website Stay Alive and Cooking. However, I recently discovered that I also have a creative side outside of the kitchen. This newly found passion is something I also want to share, but I’m afraid the visitors at my blog get confused when I combine recipes with paper blogs or videos…. Which is why I decided to create The Paper Letter.

The Paper Letter

The Paper Letter

Bullet journal

So. Now that you’re up to speed, I’d like to explain a little bit of what you can expect on this site. ‘The Paper Letter” already suggests quite a lot, doesn’t it?! Yes, I am a real paper lover. I don’t know what it is with pretty paper, but it makes me incredibly happy! New books, blank or filled in pages of my bullet journal, coloured craft paper with flowers or fun prints, letter paper… I simply love them all. Ever since I started going to school I’ve loved new notebooks, and I collected quite a few over the years. However, my love for paper wasn’t fully ignited until I discovered bullet journaling!

Written letters

Ever since I started my first weekly spread in May, I have been hooked. When I started following other bujo accounts on Instagram, I saw that the so-called Snail Mail or writing of old fashioned letters is still very popular, too. I was instantly intrigued, and wrote a little message on the Dutch website ‘Meerleuks’. I now have around 10 penpals, with whom I write weekly or monthly!

The Paper Letter

More creative stuff

Naturally, my creativity has expanded to other areas as well. I’ve never felt so inspired! I’d like to share this creative process with you, if you’d like to tag along. On this site I’d love to share my thoughts & writings, and other creative ideas such as DIY’s, inspiration collections and who knows what else.

The Paper Letter


As you may or may not know (you’re probably new here!), I’ve already been active on YouTube for quite some time. On my account The Paper Letter Vivian (previously called: Stay Alive and Cooking Vivian) I share videos with bullet journal plan with me’s, DIY videos, ‘coffee vlogs’, personal videos, unboxing and craft supply haul videos and who knows what else. In the future I’d like to do some sort of snail mail videos, as well. Since I started doing bullet journal and creative videos instead of cooking videos a couple weeks ago, I’ve grown from 20 to 85 followers!

So. That’s some more about me. I hope I’ve gotten your attention, and I really hope you’ll stick with me! For now you can find me on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, but I hope to create more social media accounts for this website soon. Oh, and don’t forget to check out http://www.stayaliveandcooking!


(P.S.: Sorry for the photo quality. I had to printscreen them from Instagram…)


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