Plan With Me: July | Bullet Journal Set-Up

Plan With Me videos are the most popular item on my YouTube channel, so I’m super excited to show you my latest one! Plan with me: July.

Plan With Me: July


Yes yes yes, it’s time for a new video! I am super excited to share this one with you, especially since it has been rather quiet on my channels. Naturally I’d like to explain that to you a little bit: if you’re here just for the video you can always scroll down.

As mentioned before, I’ve started with two days therapy a week. Yes, that’s pretty intense! And very tiring, which left me with little energy and motivation to film new videos, cook/create recipes for Stay Alive and Cooking or write new blogs. This doesn’t mean that I no longer enjoy it! I just need a little more time for myself now, which is also okay.

However, I haven’t stopped writing entirely. No, I now write offline! 😉 This new hobby of mine is called snail mail, and I already have some very lovely girls that I exchange letters with. If you’d like to see some of those creations or my bullet journal spreads, you can always follow me on Instagram.

Plan with me: July

Plan With Me

However, for now it’s time for my latest video! As mentioned in this video, I’ll soon be uploading not one but two flip throughs of my first months of bullet journaling. If you’d like to see those, don’t forget to subscribe!

Feel free to contact me in any way, I’m always up for a chat. See you soon,

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