Fall, cappuccinos and pen pal letters

Hi all!

It’s been a while since my last post, but today I’m here to catch you up on all the good stuff 😉 I should mention that I have been very active on both my YouTube and my Instagram account!

This blog will be a bit of everything: photos, recent experiences (I have a new job!) and some of the creative things I’ve been exploring lately.



Ahhh yes, Fall. Or Autumn, depending on where you’re from 😉 I don’t know about you guys, but our Fall has been extremely nice so far! We’ve had a couple of very beautiful days, and I even managed to catch some sunshine outside on the balcony.

Unlike other years I’m really mesmerized by the leaves turning orange, the weather turning colder and the return of blankets, candles and hot mugs of coffee/tea/hot chocolate. I have to admit I picked up a fair number of said leaves to include in my pen pal letters: the colours are just too pretty! IMG_4326.JPG

Life right now

Let me start by telling you a bit about my life right now. So much has changed in the past couple of weeks: I made some big steps forward, but also had to deal with many hard days.

You see, I am still struggling with anxiety every day. Lately it has gotten a lot worse, which has to do with my 2 days therapy a week and many events I had to/wanted to attend in the past couple of weeks. Group therapy obviously helps me see things in different perspective, but it also triggers a lot of my emotions and biggest fears. The events I attended, such as my fathers’ 60th birthday, set me back quite a bit. Unfortunately I had such negative experiences that my anxiety for parties and crowds has gotten a lot worse. IMG_4557.JPG

However, I also had some really positive experiences! I for example decided to go out for a cup of coffee all by myself, which is something I always found very scary… But this time I felt so at ease that I decided to ask if they needed a new member of staff! What?!

Fast forward to now: I finished my third day of working in this small and cosy restaurant, which is open for good coffees and homemade, organic lunches. Who would’ve thought! Naturally I run into a lot of things with my anxiety but I’m also having so much fun. I honestly think it was a leap of faith that directed me to go get a cappuccino all by myself, or I never would’ve asked! IMG_4295.JPG

Pen pal letters

As you may have seen on my Instagram or YouTube account, I’m still quite active with the pen pal letters. It’s honestly so much fun to post and receive a pretty letter! I met some great girls whom I really see as friends now.

I still upload videos with inspiration, such as my latest one:


Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some more blogs soon. Unfortunately I’ve been sick for a few days now, and writing doesn’t go as fluently as I’d hoped 😉 So I’ll leave it at this for now!

Vivian IMG_4634.JPGIMG_4641.JPGIMG_4648.JPG





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