Gift wrapping supplies from

Christmas Surprises from Vlinders in je Buik

Today I am here to share with you all a surprise-box I received from vlinders in je buik! Everything I received is centred around Christmas and gift wrapping. How exciting is that?! (Psssst: it includes a discount code!)

Discount code

Yessss, I also have something to share with you lot: with code ‘paperletterblog15’ you’ll get a 15% discount from today until the 31st of October. Let me know if you plan on ordering anything, I’d love to hear! (This is not a sponsored promotion. If you order, I do not receive anything in return. I received the products for free: but all opinions are my own.)

You’ve got Mail

With everything going on (the cat cafe finally opening, my health, and, OMG, buying a house…!) I’d almost forget to take a step back and enjoy life. To appreciate everything surrounding me – whether big or small. If there’s something right now that brings me a lot of joy, it’s definitely my new PO box.

Gift wrapping supplies from

So, if you’re completely new to The Paper Letter Blog that might need some extra explanation. You see, I started this  YouTube Channel around a year and a half ago to share my love for mail. Real, handwritten and offline mail. Turns out there are a lot more people than you’d expect who share this love, and who wanted to send me some of that postal kindness! Hence my subscriber PO box.

Gift wrapping supplies from

Then, I was contacted by Corina from ‘Vlinders In Je Buik’. She asked me if I would be interested in receiving a surprise box with goodies from her webshop (heck yes!!) in return for a blog-post review. I have to admit I haven’t written any blogs in a while – I now use all my writing creativity for the letters I send – but I was immediately excited by the idea she proposed.  I mean, who wouldn’t be!

PO box opening videos

I need to brew myself a big mug of tea, and then I’ll tell you all about this box filled with Christmas goodies! (It got me so excited for the festive days that I’m now humming Christmas carols… Uhoh)

Gift wrapping supplies from

Okay. So. Where do I start? Let me start by explaining some extra content I have for this blogpost. You see, every time I empty my PO box I make a video about it – and I also opened this package on camera. Exciting, no? It’s the final package I open, so you may need to skip a few parts (or watch it all of course ;)).

Christmas Presents

Enough with the chitchat! Let’s get down to business. As you could see by the pictures I shared so far, I received a lot of gift wrapping supplies! While we don’t do Christmas presents with my family, I do loooove gift wrapping and making gift bags for my penpals. I’m hoping to share some pictures or even videos with you on that, once it’s December. Let me know if you’d be interested in some Christmas DIY’s!

Gift wrapping supplies from

Included in the package I received, were:

  • 3 different gift bags
  • 3 50 cm rolls of wrapping paper
  • 2 30cm rolls of wrapping paper
  • 4 different sheets of circle stickers, perfect for closing gift bags or putting on packages of course
  • 3 different types of ribbon
  • shaped tags (little houses and ice skates!)
  • 2 sturdy tags, with elastic ribbon
  • star shaped stickers

Gift wrapping supplies from

What I like most about the items Corina selected, is that I can choose between traditional and untraditional wrapping. I have never seen pink Christmas presents before, but I love it! You all know I am a big fan of those vintage-like drawings (such as the white & black roll of wrapping paper), but surprisingly enough I’m even more drawn to the clean, minimal designs of the green and pink. Plus, I think there are some really pretty and surprising combinations of using the tags with paper, stickers and ribbon. Can’t wait to try them out.

Gift wrapping supplies from

To be honest I’ve never ordered wrapping paper online before – I always buy them when I see something I like in stores. But… I’m sold! When I look around the gift-wrapping section of Vlindersinjebuik, there are SO many designs I absolutely love! The best part is,  you can choose between 2 or 4 metres of paper, making it way easier to collect a nice stash of different prints. I think I may have to order a nice selection once I have my craft room and more space 😉

Gift wrapping supplies from

Favourite items

If I had to pick favourites…. Whew, that’s really quite hard! I’m a bit of a paper geek, and I have to say that the white paper with berries has a really nice, luxurious feel to it. Another thing this paper geek noticed, is that the white paper with the green trees is double sided, so it’s perfect for making gift-bags as well. The inside of the paper is a light pink. Also, I’m constantly drawn to all the pink items – while I’m not usually much of a girly girl, I really do love them! The pink stickers say ‘Magical Festive Days’, by the way.

Gift wrapping supplies from

To be honest, I could name nearly every item as my favourite item – depending on my mood. I think Corina made a real nice selection! I’m already excited to make cute gift bags or themed mail with the wrapping paper, and I can’t wait to see what other inspiration I get when I go through it all. What is your favourite item? Feel free to leave a comment down below, or in the comment section of the video! I’d love to hear what you think.

Gift wrapping supplies from

(Noes was also very happy… Sigh)

Gift wrapping supplies from

Gift wrapping supplies from Gift wrapping supplies from Gift wrapping supplies from








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